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  • Adding another layer of luxury to your kitchen story, these options are practical and convenient; whether it’s a vacuum drawer to prepare, seal and store or a warming drawer to temper cups, plates or your prepared dishes before serving.

    Home cooks who appreciate convenience in the kitchen and enjoy life’s extra little luxuries will love our vacuum and warming drawers. Depending on your design these beauties can be seamlessly integrated to match your joinery or features with our signature mirror glass finish.

    The vacuum drawer is the perfect complement to our CombiSteam bringing the world of sous vide style cooking into your home kitchen alongside our Vacuisine function. The technique of sealing food and flavour inside a bag and cooking gently with steam creates exquisite flavour and texture. A vacuum drawer opens up a while new world of possibilities in your kitchen, from reducing food waste to being more organised.

    Warming drawers are the perfect addition to your kitchen providing extra space to keep food, plates and cups warm or offering an alternative option for low temperature food preparation like making yoghurt. Warming Drawers can be installed to partner a CombiSteam, Combair oven or CoffeeCentre. There are also brilliant under a cooktop or in an island bench to help ensure you are always ready to serve on perfectly warmed plates. Making your coffee each morning in your tempered cup is always a joy, When it comes to complimenting the cooking process, a warming drawer will store your cooked dishes until the time is right.

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      As a luxury Swiss kitchen and laundry appliance brand, V-ZUG has stood for Premium Swiss Quality for over a hundred years.