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  • Italian-made, globally designed, lever handles. Designer handles. What does that even mean? The term is used frequently when desperately searching for a product that is different, of high quality, and with design at it’s core. Unfortunately, such searches often lead to disappointment, with many manufacturers describing their products as such, without justification. It’s the same thing with ‘high-end’ or ‘quality’. Fusital however is a brand that can genuinely describe its products as ‘designer handles’. 
    In 1976 the company was founded with a simple idea of combining functionality and aesthetics into a single object designed by the greatest international architects. If not created by an icon of design, it is not a Fusital item. Each handle has a spirit infused with the philosophy of the architect who designed it. Starting with the architect’s pencil, Fusital follows the creation process up to the final product, including verification of the handles production compatibility. Fusital is the synthesis of rigorous Made in Italy manufacturing and designs from only the greatest architects, producing handles of the highest quality.  It is as if each handle were a fingerprint. And as such, each designers handle is authentic and truly one of a kind.
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    At Spiggy, we love products that are an extension of the personalities that create them. Artisans, designers, disruptors, whatever you want to call them. Whether it’s the joy of sculpture evident in the beautiful sand-cast metal products produced by Philip Watts, or the detailed patterned knurling Buster Minale first created for his custom motorcycles, these collections are ultimately born out of passion. You can feel it.