LINK Glass

Axolotl Link Glass 1
  • Description
  • Exclusive to Axolotl, LINK glass combines Axolotl’s unique metal and concrete coating technologies with glass.

    LINK glass is suited to most applications where you would use glass, screening or signage; it can be designed with transparent areas for sight in place of laser cut screens, or with frosted glass for privacy and ambient backlighting. It is easy to add extra depth and wow factor to your glass feature with patterns in a combination of metal, concrete, paint, frosting and carving able to be applied to one or both faces of the glass surface.

    LINK – the winner of the Designex Best New Product award 2012. Judges Comments: “The judges were uniformly blown away by the design potential of LINK. We could have spent hours guessing the technology: from designer to inventor to materials scientist: every judge was enthralled.”

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