MARKILUX – MX8800 conservatory awning for large areas

markilux 8800 1
  • Full Description
  • markilux is one of the largest German brand names in awnings and for more than a quarter of a century now we have been making sure that life on the balcony and the patio is made even more enjoyable. We are bringing two sets of skills to this task: on the one hand our technical understanding of design engineering, and on the other a highly developed knowledge of textiles.
    Suited to glass conservatories, pergolas or courtyards. Plus with increasing smoking restrictions in public places, the external conservatory awning is the ideal solution to extend the seating area of restaurants, cafes and pubs.
    The markilux 8800 is one of the most technologically advanced conservatory awnings on the market. Two independently operating gas-pistons provide a permanently high fabric tension, this ensures a taut cover even in light wind. A tear resistant transportation belt ensures the fabric extends and retracts effortlessly and smoothly. All bearings utilise Teflon-coated bronze bushings to minimise resistance.

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