Oak Clear Brushed Nat + White Oil

  • Full Description
  • Mafi Oak Clear is a hardwearing, light, sandy coloured wood with a surface that is free from any visible knots or crack lines. Oak Clear is well suited for a modern-contemporary look.

    Mafi floors stand out due to their longevity and robustness, and are 100% all-natural, free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

    This hand crafted, engineered board consists of three-layers with the top and bottom made of the same species, ensuring perfect balance. The middle layer is conifer and runs across the grain for added strength. The layers are glued together with an all-natural glue of water, lime and plant acid.

    This board comes pre-finished with a superior brushed textured surface and all-natural oil finish making it suitable for heavily frequented domestic and commercial areas, as well as over under floor heating and in bathrooms.

    Each board comes with a micro bevel on the long side with tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation and to prevent splintering.

    Cracks, knotholes and large knots are emphasised with black putty. Variations in colour and sapwood at the edges possible.
    Small open cracks and unsealed spots of a few millimetres are permitted.
    Very vivid character! The floor is also suitable for hard wear – suited for commercial purposes.