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  • The Passage Collection is in collaboration with architect and interior designer Brooke Aitken, founder of the eponymous female-owned and operated architecture and interior design practice,Brooke Aitken Design.

    “I wanted to create a carpet collection that reflects human’s inherent desire to mark time,” says Brooke Aitken. “Each season and each part of the day offers everyone a special time instance of consideration, and each rug in the Passage Collection embodies a mood related to these distinct moments in time.”

    The ebb and flow of time and the continual changing and passing of the seasons is reflected in the collections’ patterns and graphic lines, which inform a sense of movement and placemaking.

    Featuring six different patterns — Day, Night, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn — the collection’s contemplative designs are enhanced by the use of rich colours (e.g., midnight blue, russet dawn red) further reflecting how natural light changes from day to night, season to season. Each pattern is available in two different colour options.

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