Verosol Blind & Curtain Track Motorisation, Building Automation & Control Systems

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  • Verosol blinds and curtain tracks come with a wide range of motor and control options.

    1. Switch or Remote Control Blinds & Curtain Tracks – 240v AC
    Verosol blinds and curtain tracks come with a variety of 240v AC motor options for all applications. These motors can be hard wired to a switch or remote controlled for convenience and savings with electrical connection. There are a number of options including quiet running models. There is also a nearly endless variety of control options including single blind control, group control of multiple blinds etc.

    2. Battery Operated Blinds – Low Voltage DC
    Verosol offers a quiet range of battery operated motors for Ambience Roller Blinds and Pleated Blinds. Enjoy the practicality and convenience of automated blinds, without additional expense of electrical connection. All low voltage blinds come ready to operate via remote control. Remote controls comes with the option of single and group blind control.

    Motorised control eliminates the hazard of cords in rooms where small children play, providing peace of mind in residential, hospitality and health care applications.

    3. Building Management System Control of Blinds
    In commercial fit-outs, motorised control systems give building managers master control of the solar heat load and glare on sunny facades. Verosol’s Silverscreen range of blind and curtain fabrics immediately reduce the cost of air-conditioning and improve the workplace environment.

    Centralised control also means the external appearance of a building is well managed. With the street view of a building growing in importance in regard to branding and tenancy, all blinds on a facade can be given a uniform appearance from the street.

    Verosol provides Australia wide field support. Its fabrication & distribution hub located in Sydney.

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