Alex Perry's Designer Rugs

Our homes tell a story of who we are, but the objects we
fill them with have tales of their own – of materials, of craftsmen, of
designers and of history.

Designer Rugs gives Australian designers and artists the
opportunity to impart their own narrative, weaving stories into unique rug creations. With designers such as Catherine Martin, Akira Isogawa and Dinosaur
Designs putting their hand to signature collections, the creativity is

The company has now launched their latest collaboration
with world-renowned fashion designer Alex Perry. His designs, inspired by
Grecian imagery, aim to take us on a journey through Athens, from the city’s
luscious gardens to the deep blue of Aegean Sea.

Perry, whose parents immigrated to Australia from Greece,
explains his inspiration: “I wanted to pay homage to my Greek heritage,
striving to create something timeless and striking. Each Design tells a
different story, revealing a distinct aspect of Greece and myself.”

This vision is clear in designs like ‘Palati’, inspired by
intricate gate-work at the National Gardens in Athens, and ‘Psaraki’, which explores
the underwater world. Employing weaving and carving techniques, the pieces
offer unique accents and definition, with selected designs such as ‘Anthi’ and ‘Bibelo’ featuring
pure silk and viscose.

Hand-made from 100% New Zealand wool and available in the
standard size of 200 x 300 cm, the collection can be custom-coloured and sized
to suit.

has a certain Jois de vivre and approach to life that is incredibly positive
and this reflects in his design ethos,” says Yosi Tal, Managing Director of
Designer Rugs. “We are very excited to collaborate with another of Australia’s
leading designers.”

Visit the
Designer Rugs website today to view the collection, their other collaborations and in-house