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All About Gibbon Group

Interior finishing specialists for the discerning and design concious.

What does your company supply?
Innovative, sustainable and high-quality interior finishes including Metropol Carpet Collection, Sallée Luxury Custom Carpets/Rugs, Tretford Cord Carpet/Rugs and Ambro Luminate Doors & Tables. All Gibbon Group products reach a high standard of quality and are manufactured to the strictest environmental processes.

Gibbon Group
Tretford Cord Carpet (Klein Residence)

What’s the history of your company?
After a long history of wholesale distribution (since 1920), a new era for the company was born when Gibbon Group launched Tretford Cord Carpet in 1995. Gibbon Group expanded from being Queensland based to a national presence and subsequently moved beyond flooring to include products like Ambro Luminate Doors, Tables & Panels which added to their niche and very unique portfolio.

What sets your company apart?

At the core of Gibbon Group’s philosophy, we aim to represent high quality architectural products with a sustainable focus, in line with our ongoing commitment to source products at the cutting edge of innovation.

Gibbon Group
Tretford Rugs (Taroona Residence)

Gibbon Group
Sallee Custom Rugs

What are your client’s priorities at the moment?
Environmental focus, quality product and great design/functionality

What is good design to you?

Something that stands the test of time and as it ages, maintains its beauty and integrity. In today’s focus on sustainability, good design to us means something that is beautiful yet simple – something that can be dismantled at the end of its life and be reused again and again.

Gibbon Group
Sallee Custom Carpets (Range: Bagdad)

Gibbon Group
Ambro Tables (Scott Burrows Residence)

What does the future hold?
The world is looking to visionary leaders who can articulate the fundamental paradigm shifts we will need to make in the way we produce & consume. At Gibbon Group, we are continually inspired to be able to represent companies who represent environmental leadership and in our own small way become a catalyst for change in the way people think about the environment and good design.

Company Details

Address: PO Box 5612, Brendale QLD 4500
Phone: 07 3881 1777
Email: sales@gibbongroup.com.au
Website: www.gibbongroup.com.au