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Ango Lighting

An illuminating look into small, award-winning Bangkok-based design firm, Ango, led by London ex-pat Angus Hutcheson, from Habitus issue 13


Angus Hutcheson always had a keen fascination for architecture and light. From the age of five, he played in an old stable, a building with no windows.

“I discovered the joy of making penetrations in the brick walls to allow light in, and I think it was the initial creation of these shafts of light in a black volume that led me to understand something about the magic of architecture and light,” reminisces Angus.




Originally from London and following an education, training and career there in architecture, lighting somehow fell by the wayside, until eight years ago. In a planned move, for a complete change of direction, Angus moved to Thailand, with the intention of starting a lighting and furniture design company.




Since then, Angus and his team have focused on lighting, but further developments on their furniture designs is forthcoming.




Angus attributes success, and the very existence of their company to Thailand. The natural materials they use, setting up the business and it’s daily operations, and the workmanship and techniques involved in their products “would have been impossible (economically) for us to do anywhere else,” says Angus, “Thailand has also influenced our designs, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how.” There is a playfulness in modern Thai design, where traditional workmanship meets contemporary methods, which may also be a fair assessment of Ango.

Read the full story on Ango Lighting in Issue 13 of Habitus out now or subscribe here.

Lighting designs by Ango are available in Australia from Victoria-based FeelGood Designs.