Bassino Bath

Kaldewei’s new bath. Sustainable and green.

Designed by: Designed by Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Tokyo. Manufactured by KALDEWEI.

I am: Bath

About me:

Kaldewei has been
consistently following the path of ecological sustainability for the last 90
years. The products used by the European market leader for stainless steel
enamel baths are produced exclusively from natural raw materials which are one
hundred per cent recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

A sign of quality
which has made Kaldewei the very first manufacturer of bathroom fitments to be
awarded the German Certification of Sustainable
Buildings. Moreover, the appearance and functionality of the baths
continue to meet the highest demands during the long period between manufacture and disposal.

Designed in collaboration
with the most renowned design studios in the world, they can put up with a lot,
are easy to clean and guaranteed to retain their looks for many years. It is
not without good reason that Kaldewei gives a 30-year guarantee on all models –
an aspect of equally high importance from both a sustainability and a cost
point of view.

When it comes to cleaning, the baths, shower trays and whirl
baths pick up points with their easy-clean finish, a surface coating which is
stoved into the steel enamel and allows water, dirt and particles of limescale
to simply run off the surface of the bath. Aggressive
and environmentally harmful cleaning agents are superfluous. A moist cloth is
all that is needed to restore the original shine. A green bathroom thus
puts people in touch with their environment, builds bridges between the
generations and quite simply whets the appetite for a future worth living.

3.5mm KALDEWEI Steel Enamel with a 30 year guarantee

200 x 100 x 35.5cm