CMS45X – Classic Coffee Machine

Another elegant innovation from Smeg.

Designed by: Smeg


I am: Coffee Machine


About me:

Italians love their coffee. As a point of pride, Smeg produces the most remarkable, elegant, easy-to-maintain and cleverly conceived coffee machines imaginable.

For stunning barista-quality results, choose the Smeg Coffee Machine. It is built-in and requires no plumbing – and that means greater design flexibility.

Finished in fingerprint-proof satin stainless steel and all the components are hidden from view, but can be accessed with ease.

This includes a massive 1.8-litre water tank with the capacity to produce cup after cup of café quality coffee. The machine offers a convenient, internal, self-cleaning function, so you don’t have to clean it after every cup of coffee.

Fully programmable, it will remember exactly how you like your espresso shot, has five coffee strengths, a pre-ground option and easily stores up to 220 grams of coffee beans. You can even add a warming drawer underneath.

For the perfect cup of coffee, choose Smeg.


Materials: Stainless Steel

Dimensions: H455mm x W595mm x D480mm


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