Cocoon Fires

It’s getting chilly outside, so we thought we’d warm things up with this little Aussie product.

I am: A fireplace


Designed by: Federico Otero


About me:

The award-winning Cocoon fire has a sculptural form, but is also practical, using an ethanol burner.



The simple design allows the steel body of the fireplace to warm up and radiate heat, while needing no connections to gas and no need for wood. Because ethanol burns more cleanly, the fireplace is also more environmentally friendly.




You’ve got to love the simplicity of the form and the fact that it can be both hung from the ceiling or placed on a stand.

And in summer, the burner can be easily removed and the body of the fireplace used as an icebox for chilling a fine drop.


You can buy the Cocoon fire over at Top3 by Design.


Cocoon Fires