DishDrawer® and DishDrawer® Tall

The evolved models combine space efficiency, style and sensible ergonomics.

Designed and Made
By Fisher & Paykel.

DishDrawer® has evolved. Unmatched in flexibility and ergonomics, the latest DishDrawers® have an interior that is even more user-friendly, and the appearance is totally current. The original rounded exterior has been replaced by a ‘flat curve’ styling, and inside, folding tines replace traditional plate racks to create room for large pots, platters and bowls

Adjustable racks slide up and down the side of the drawer to accommodate cups, mugs and glasses of all sizes. And, with over a decade of DishDrawer® manufacturing, the latest addition is DishDrawer® Tall – a single DishDrawer® with increased drawer height to fit even larger plates and platters.

DishDrawer® is available in a range of colours and finishes.
DishDrawer® Tall is available in flat door stainless steel and integrated finishes.

Dimensions  (in millimetres)
Single DishDrawer® – 409 height x 599 width x 570 depth
Double DishDrawer® – 819.5 – 879.5 height x 599 width x 570 depth
DishDrawer® Tall – 477 height x 595 width x 570 depth


Fisher & Paykel
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Folding tines that can be laid down to create room for larger plates and platters.