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The Goccia Collection

Introducing the Goccia range for Gessi from Abey Australia.

Designed by:
Designed for Gessi by Prospero Rasulo


About me

Gessi introduces Goccia (Italian for ‘drop’) – a revolutionary collection of ‘furnishing objects’.

Goccia features an innovative design inspired by the fluid and natural shapes of water. It stands as an unprecedented product concept which elevates matter, form and function.

The collection comprises a unique range of furnishing items, encompassing an impressive mix of models, materials and finishes.

The winding forms of the liquid are set in the solid form of washbasins and accessories, in the metal of the taps, in the ceramic of the sanitary ware.

All of the Goccia items feature a natural elegance that makes them fit gracefully in any home. The soft and familiar contours of Goccia are lovely to be seen and touched; making living spaces personal and cosy, modern yet relaxing.

Not only is Goccia a style and a product philosophy, it’s also an eco friendly creation. All of the Goccia taps represent a 50% saving of water without compromising the functionality of the tap itself.

Goccia is indeed the epitome of a more intimate feeling for luxury, one attentive to the elegance and glamour of the objects as well as to their impact on the environment.

Goccia demonstrates how creativity and innovation, together with a content of poetry and respect for the world can turn dreams into objects.

This is all Gessi’s accomplishment, a company different by nature.


Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black and White


Abey Australia
1800 809 143



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