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Green Silence Running Shoe

We thought it was about time we turned our attention the healthiest form of moving. Lee Suckling explores the fusion of function, frugality and fashion in
the design of Brooks’ new eco-shoe.

When the average running shoe comprises of 54 parts, it’s quite the coup to be able to cut that down to less than half.

Boasting a sustainable element to each one of the shoe’s 26 components (that’s 48% of a regular runner), the Brooks ‘Green Silence’ is a groundbreaking piece of racing footwear. 

“Brooks believes it can continue to lead the running industry when it comes to sustainability,” says Jim Weber, president and CEO of Brooks.

After three years of research, the final materials for Green Silence were chosen and the result is a shoe made from 75% post-consumer recycled materials.

The heels, for example, come from old CDs. The shoelaces, tongue-webbings and mesh are from old water bottles, and the outsoles from recycled rubber. “Our latest attempt was to create the most sustainable competition racing flat as technologically possible, without compromising the performance, durability, or aesthetic appeal of the shoe,” adds Weber.

These substitutions lower the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to 65%, and cut the manufacturing energy needed down by 41%.

Despite its name, the colour green isn’t present in Green Silence; it’s a statement of environmentalism. "We wanted to create something that wasn’t brown, green or gray, using strong colours to make a statement that something bold and beautiful can be sustainable," says Brooks’ communications manager Tamara Hills.

"We’re proud of the efforts we’ve made and we hope that runners appreciate it and are inspired.”


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