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Habitus Loves… The Bathroom

This week we grab our towels, leave the phone in the bedroom, grab a good book and head to the bathroom. Here’s 8 of our favourite designs for the bathroom…


Carpenter Stool

Designed by:
Jethro Macey for ex.tWhy we love it:We love the idea of a stool made for the bathroom. Ex.t have some extraordinary bathroom furniture and accessories, and this one – looking like it’s been carved from stone – is no exception.Where you can get it:


Studio Bagno


Porcelain Slabs
Designed by:SkhemeWhy we love them: These slabs are a fantastic alternative to traditional tiles. The huge slabs (up to 1 x 3m) are made using clay and other raw materials under very high pressure. The result is a stronger, thinner, more resistant floor surface. Opulence in the room you need it most.Where you can get it:



title Designed by: Victoria & Albert BathsWhy we love it: This beautifuk bath, made from QUARRYCAST – a one-piece casting of rare volcanic limestone and resin – is the perfect mix of old and new. The traditional shape, with squared rim makes it perfect for a modern update of a traditional residence. Comes with feet or cradle.Where you can get it:

Victoria & Albert Baths


Pillow basin

title Designed by: Fulvio De Nito for Studio BagnoWhy we love it: The unusual form of this bench or wall-mounted basin gives a very organic feel. The irregular, flowing surface and white fireclay finish add to its natural aesthetic.Where you can get it:


Pinch Tapware

Designed by:
RogersellerWhy we love it: This tapware collection features taps that encourage a pinching action (but are easy to turn). The elongated spout matches the knobs of the taps, all in lovely chrome.Where you can get it:


Brillante Mirror

Designed by:Alessandro MendiniWhy we love it:Each petal of this mirror displays the ability of glass to be both rounded and angular. The shaped crystal is engraved with an amazing geometric pattern. Perfect to take the place of a traditional bathroom mirror.Where you can get it:

Space Furniture

Link Bath Mat

Designed by:Kain Lucas of UteWhy we love it: This bath mat uses a cork and rubber composite to keep you safe and dry. An Aussie creation, it’s a good alternative to a fabric mat because there’s no need to hang it up to dry, and it’s also got a much lower profile than a timber-style mat. It’s interlinking circles are also very attractive!Where you can get it:


Starck 1 Toilet + Bidet

Designed by:
Philippe StarckWhy we love it:This toilet and bidet are presented – in true Starck fashion – as an “evolution of the bucket”. We love the simple shape and it’s visual reference to a simpler time. Though, with the latest internals, these wall-mounted or floor-standing toilets are much more sophisticated!Where you can get it:


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