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Habitus Loves… Candleholders

We’re lighting the way this week with 8 of our favourite candle holding devices (aka candleholders). But when it comes to cleaning up the wax, you’re on your own! Enjoy


Nordic Light

Designed by:
Jonas GrundellWhy we love it: Made from rubber wood colour-coated on one two sides, the arms of this candelabra are movable, meaning you can position them however you like.

Where you can get it:

The habitusliving.com Shop

PO/0130 Candleholder


Designed by:Marre MoerelWhy we love it: There’s something organic about this candle holder that feels like it could have grown at the bottom of the garden, like beautifully formed mushroom.

Where you can get it:

Corporate Culture

Double Candleholder


Designed by: Mikaela Dörfel for menuWhy we love it: Romance? You’ve got it covered with these intertwined candleholders in polished steel – although at 65cm tall they’re no shrinking violets.

Where you can get it:

Top3 by Design


Designed by: Jaime HayonWhy we love it: In typical Hayon style, this candleholder has more than a dash of whimsy to it. The white ‘bubbles’ are like clouds with floating candles and we love the accent of the single gold bubble at the base.

Where you can get it:


Bearing Candleholder


Designed by:Claesson Koivisto RuneWhy we love it: These two candleholders, made from solid American Walnut with turned brass inserts, can be placed one inside the other (resembling a bearing) or separately as individual, yet complementary holders.

Where you can get it:

Phase Design


Designed by:Tanja SoeterWhy we love it: This small candleholder is inspired by the structure of leaves, but also reminds us of the delicateness of a cicada’s wing. Made using 3D printing techniques (cool!).

Where you can get it:

Not available… yet! Get in touch with the designer to find out more.

Distortion Candlestick

Designed by: Paul LoebachWhy we love it: It’s all very Alice Beauty and the Beast, but this ‘distorted’ candlestick is pretty high-tech – made using 3D rendering and rapid prototyping.

Where you can get it:


Fly Candle Fly


Designed by: Ingo MaurerWhy we love it: Okay, so we may have a bit of a thing for Harry Potter-esque objects, but this ‘floating’ candle holder definitely has some magic to it. Suspended from the ceiling by wires.

Where you can get it:

Space Furniture

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