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Habitus Loves… Coffee

We thought it was time for a caffeine hit this week. So, breaking from tradition, we’re bringing you 8 of our favourite coffee-related things. Why not tell us your favourites in the comments section below…


Kapu Coffee Scoop


Designed by:
Teemu Karhunen

Why we love it: This little coffee scoop doubles as a clip for your coffee bean bag. Beautiful construction from wood gives it an organic, natural feel. Scoop in style!

Where you can get it:

Finish Design Shop

Single Origin Coffee



Product Custodians (do you like that?):  Single Origin

Why we love it: These guys have a really nice café in Sydney which turns out some pretty great coffee. But for those of you who can’t pop down for a cup, you can buy a selection of their Certifies Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Farmer Direct or Forest Friendly beans.

Where you can get it:

Single Origin

Bolle Coffee Table



Designed by: Nathan Yong

Why we love it: This collection of small circles hints at a cluster of tables, but is in fact just one beautifully formed coffee table. One for your cup, one for your spoon

Where you can get it:

Space Furniture


Designed by: OTTO Espresso (based on the original Atomic by Giordano Robbiati)

Why we love it: This “little guy” follows the design aesthetic of Giordano Robbiati’s original Atomic, but totally reinvents the internal workings and uses steel. There’s a real weight to this stovetop espresso machine that smacks of long-lasting quality.

Where you can get it:

Habitusliving.com Shop

Helena Sugar Bowl



Designed by: Georg Jensen

Why we love it: We love the mix of stainless steel and the creamy lid of this sugar bowl. It almost feels like it would taste sweet (please don’t lick it if you see it in a store)!

Where you can get it:

Top3 by Design

Citiz from Nespresso


Designed by: Nespressso

Why we love it: This is the lazy-person’s coffee machine, but we love its simple compact form and the consensus is that it makes really good coffee. Nespresso have also really stepped up the design stakes with their recent cup collection.

Where you can get it:


Keep Cup


Designed by: Cobalt Niche

Why we love it: This great idea has maintained its buzz since it was launched in 2009 and has remained, for us, the best resolved of the reusable coffee cups out there right now.

Where you can get it:

Keep Cup

Thermo Coffee Flask



Designed by: Jörg Boner

Why we love it: This cute thermos and mugs makes for a great tea or coffee companion. We love the little button detail – makes us smile.

Where you can get it:

We can’t find it for sale, so another Design Hunter™ challenge, but click below for more info.