Habitus Loves… The Floor

It’s often overlooked, in fact, it’s ALWAYS overlooked. We walk on it, we run on it, we play on it and sometimes we sleep on it – so we thought it was about time we gave you our top 8 floor-related designs.


The Pavement Collection





Designed by: Designer Rugs

Why we love it: These beautiful 100% New Zealand Wool rugs are inspired by the world we see from the pavement, from gardens to textured walls and the ground we walk on.

Where you can get it:

Designer Rugs






Designed by: Dyson

Why we love it: We couldn’t talk about the floor without mentioning cleaning… with its patented ‘Ball’ technology, this Dyson upright is manoeuvrable and sucks with the best of them.

Where you can get it:







Designed by: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Why we love it: Made by craftsmen in Northern Pakistan, this beautiful rug features 13 different colours throughout the compilation of various-sized rhombuses. There’s something very un-modern about it that we just love.

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Designed by: Big River

Why we love it: There aren’t many timber floors we get excited about, but this is one of them! Armourfloor is made from 5 layers of Aussie hardwood and can be cut to any shape you choose. The beauty of hardwood with the strength of engineered timber.

Where you can get it:

Big River

Land Carpet






Designed by: Florian Pucher

Why we love it: These beautiful rugs are like a birds-eye-view of farmland. Great for big and little kids alike.

Where you can get it:

Florian Pucher is the man to ask

Ceramic Parquet


Designed by: Earp Bros

Why we love it: These ceramic tiles do honestly look like timber floorboards. It’s all the visual warmth and beauty of solid timber with the benefits of a ceramic tile.

Where you can get it:

Earp Bros





Designed by: Estudio Campana

Why we love it: There’s something incredibly playful, yet ever-so slightly morbid about this rug with little worry-doll-like people stitched in.

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Designed by: Dalsouple

Why we love it: We saw this product used in the current issue of Habitus magazine in the cover story – The Strelein Warehouse by Ian Moore. The rubber tiles created a flawless, glossy finish perfect for the black and white aesthetic.

Where you can get it: