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Habitus Loves… Red

We’re getting passionate this week with that colour that gets us revved up! That’s right, we’re taking on red, with some of our favourite products of the moment (and some of our favourites of all time). But be quick because, as everyone knows, red goes faster!





Designed by:
Staffan Holm

Why we love it: It’s a coat stand with a twist, literally! We love the coiled, scribble-like top to this coat rack, and it’s just unbeatable in red.

Where you can get it:





Designed by: Evangelos Vasileiou

Why we love it: Such an elegant piece, with its slim legs and vibrant red interior. It is both fine and bold. We love the different sized compartments.

Where you can get it:

Ligne Roset





Designed by: Mobella

Why we love it: Inspired by the technique of loincloth weaving, this chair invites you to sit and shut yourself off from the world in soft, quiet contemplation. It may not be completely red, but it looks like the perfect place to get into a hot-blooded romance/action novel.

Where you can get it:


Husk Chair

Designed by: Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia

Why we love it: The beautiful padded geometry of this chair makes for straight, yet soft lines. In red, it reminds us of Canada (can you see a maple leaf?)

Where you can get it:

B&B Italia stocked in Australia through Space Furniture




Designed by:
Karim Rashid for Alessi

Why we love it: When you’re talking colour, it’s hard to go past Karim Rashid. The Kaj is a simple, modern design that’s affordable and fun – we especially love the little zipper-like hour hand.

Where you can get it:

The Dezeen Watch Store


Eastern Weft Scarf


Designed by:  Eastern Weft

Why we love it: These beautiful scarves are woven by young Laotian women learning the art of dyeing and weaving. No one scarf is the same. Eastern Weft are one of our favourites – check them out.

Where you can get it:

Eastern Weft


Magis Puppy


Designed by: Eero Aarnio

Why we love it: The Magis Puppy is a design icon. We love it in red gloss, mainly because it reminds us of Clifford the Big Red Dog (a children’s book character of our youth)

Where you can get it:

Corporate Culture





Designed by:
Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject for Jawbone

Why we love it: These amazing portable speakers are, well… they’re cool, okay? Sometimes we like things because they’re downright cool! And in red, surely they’re even louder.

Where you can get it:



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