Hot Product – Zip ChillTap®

The Zip ChillTap® you may have seen in your workplace is also perfect for your home.

By Zip Heaters.

Zip ChillTap® offers a cost-effective solution to your chilled filtered water needs at home and at work, providing refreshingly chilled filtered water on tap (between 5-10ºC). This efficient, economic and sustainable option means you don’t have to purchase expensive bottles of water and saves countless tonnes of plastic in landfill.

Costing less than $20 a year in terms of energy use, the ChillTap® can provide up to 140 glasses chilled water per hour from the larger model, and has superior filtration for better-tasting water, without removing beneficial fluoride.

With space-efficient technology, the filtering unit is concealed underbench and the ChillTap® spout in your bench top, maintaining a clean aesthetic in your kitchen area.

Chrome-plated brass head with 360º swivel capability and simple lever action dispensing with a white, compact powdercoated underbench chiller.

Dimensions (in millimetres)
Small 377 height x 253 width x 353 depth
Large 385 height x 291 width x 353 depth


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