ILVE's Ambient Rangehood

Create a kitchen space as stunning as the meals you love to cook.

With a history of over 50 years of technological innovation, it’s no wonder ILVE Italy’s promise to unveil its new stylish Ambient Rangehood has caused a stir.

The Ambient Rangehood will be released in January 2011 to complete ILVE’s new rangehood series. The Ambient range features a light indicator for grease filter maintenance and a charcoal filter regeneration and substitution, adjustable and delayed self-switching off and perimeter extraction. It is equipped with a programmable fan system that pulls and removes cooking fumes through an understated slit that runs across the rangehood.

The design also features an electric touch control system that allows for variable speeds a well as an auto fire shutdown function. This design is also ideal for those who want to reduce the noise that is made from other rangehoods. The Ambient rangehood is finished with a gloss stainless steel black.

With each oven hand-assembled from superior materials, ILVE’s Ambient Rangehood will be a celebrated culinary innovation.

RRP $5,678.00


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