Isis Ceiling Fans

Introducing the Isis Ceiling fan for those larger areas in your home.

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Big Ass Fans®


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A Ceiling Fan


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The reality of ever more experimental architecture in our homes is that we often have much larger spaces to heat and cool.

This is where the 2.4 to 3m diameter Isis® steps in. This large ceiling fan reduces year-round energy bills and improves comfort in spaces with ceilings as low as 3.7 meters.

Isis covers more area than 9 small ceiling fans while using only 1/3 of the energy, and produces less than 40 dBA at maximum operating speed (that’s quieter than a library at midnight).

In addition to its standard, anodized aluminium finish, Isis is available in a wide range of custom colours. A hybrid of sleek design and performance, Isis carries a 10-year non-prorated warranty with certified installation.



–    10 MiniTEC extruded aluminium aerofoils



2.4 – 3m diameter
Less than 45.5 kg


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