Izona CoolDrawer

Fisher & Paykel help your kitchen to work for you and your life, not the
other way around

Once the kitchen was quite static, determined by often small spaces and placement
of chimney stacks and windows. However, as our homes have grown in size and our
lives have become increasingly integrated with technology, so our kitchen needs
have changed shape.

to innovations such as Fisher & Paykel’s Izona range of appliances, the
dishwasher is more accessible, the cook top easy to maintain and the fridge can
even be in more than one place.

Izona CoolDrawer offers what Fisher & Paykel call ‘modular freedom’,
allowing different drawer refrigeration systems to be placed together or
separated around the kitchen.

only are you able to plan your kitchen layout with a great deal more
flexibility, but once installed each unit can also work as pantry, fridge or
freezer, offering five different temperature settings for premium food storage,
and the ability to reshape your kitchen at the touch of a button.

CoolDrawer also offers aesthetic flexibility with the option to have units
fully integrated into the surrounding cabinetry or with a stainless steel

up no more space than a traditional underbench drawer the units offer freedom
of placement that best suits you and the way you live your life – finally, with
Izona, you can decide how your kitchen works for you, not the other way around.


Fisher & Paykel

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