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The JACOB JENSEN Doorbell is more than your average ‘ding-dong’ – it comes packaged with a true touch of the designer’s hand.

As Design Hunters™ we aim to design every aspect of our lives. So every detail of our homes become as important as the next, from big decisions like furniture and kitchens to the smaller features – like the doorbell.

The doorbells of Jacob Jensen offer a carefully considered, well-designed solution to an every-day task.

JACOB JENSEN are available through Lighting Options Australia.


The details:

Designed by: Jacob Jensen

I am: A Doorbell

About me:

The Bell that knocks…

The cordless Doorbell by JACOB JENSEN is more than just a unique design of an often overlooked article for every-day use.

JACOB JENSEN sets a new standard of function and design of doorbells. Behind the pure lines of the classical Jacob Jensen Design, the Doorbell and the Bell push reveal a thoroughly considered technology.

”Not only is the doorbell one of the most common products that we use, it is also the first thing we meet, touch and hear when we visit someone. That’s why I have been wondering why the designers have forgotten the doorbell for a long time – also in the recent years,” says Timothy Jacob Jensen, head of the design studio.

”We decided to design a doorbell which is beautiful beyond time and place, which at the same time fulfills the needs, you can rightfully require from such a relatively important every-day product. I think we have succeeded.”

It is in fact Jacob Jensen himself knocking on the door in the recording used for this tune. “He did find that it was a bit foolish going all the way to a studio just to record his knock and asked if it really mattered who was knocking on the door – no one will hear that it is me anyway,” says Timothy Jacob Jensen.

“I answered that it is never unimportant who is knocking on the door and I think the future owners of the doorbell will agree to this.”



ABS, PMMA & Steel



Bell push – 41mm x 24mm x 90mm
Ringer – 112mm x 36mm x 178 mm


Lighting Options Australia has retail outlets across the country. For a store near you, or for distribution enquiries please contact:

+61 8 6142 4977