Long-D Clock

This clock by Kit Men
provides a visual connection to those on the other side of the world.

Hong Kong-based designers
Kit Men last year developed a dual time zone alarm clock for manufacturer
M.N.S. The quirky design offers one clock to tell local time while a second
faded clock face records the ‘away’ time of loved ones overseas.

Now, following the same
theme, Kit Men Keung has created the more elegant and refined ‘Long-D’ wall
clock for Taiwanese company Verso Lab. However, with ‘Long-D’ the designer has
incorporated the second time zone into the single clock face.

The concept behind this
latest clock is to create a “visually subtle style while maintaining a regular
relationship with someone on the other side of the globe”. The third hand on
the clock is ‘greyed out’ as a subtle, yet useful reminder of loved-ones.

“The colour contrast of
secondary clock hands have been delicately reduced to appear like a shadow on
the interface acting as a conscious reminder of the distance between the user
and their connections abroad,” Kit Men explains.

The piece is available in
white or charcoal grey and as a square or round face.

The Long-D is another
example of design which connects us, in a very lo-tech way, to others – a simple
design to evoke very strong emotional ties.

Kit Men



Long d clock black

long d clock white round

long d clock theory

long d clock black round

long d clock white square