The remarkable shape and energy efficiency of LUXAFLEX DUETTE Architella Shades.

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Once again at the forefront of technology and innovation, LUXAFLEX® DUETTE® Architella Shades have a remarkable honeycomb shade design.

This revolutionary product takes 1 honeycomb and nestles it inside the other, resulting in truer colours, crisper pleats, and superior energy efficiency.

Research reveals that heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows, therefore choosing the right window protection can reduce heat loss through windows. 

The revolutionary design forms three distinct air pockets for increased insulation against heat and cold. These pockets trap air, making your windows more energy efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs year-round.


The additional inner layers of Duette Architella Fabric provide an extra barrier against the harsh Australian sun that washes out colours – allowing original hues to maintain their true beauty, even in the brightest light.

The signature TruPleat Inner Structure keeps both the front and back pleats of Duette Architella Shades crisp and consistent, from top to bottom.

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