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The Meyerhoffer Surfboard

We catch up with designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer, for a conversation about his unusual surfboard design.

This unusual board design is the eponymous work of designer Thomas Meyerhoffer. Meyerhoffer – also a keen surfer – is in Australia for the Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing. habitusliving.com took the opportunity to learn a little more about the designer’s passion for surfboards and product design…

habitusliving.com: Why re-design something that’s already so popular in its current forms?

Thomas Meyerhoffer: I saw an opportunity to merge the
experience of a shortboard and a longboard. Taking the best features
from the two and creating a completely new experience. Any surfboard has
its place in the shaping world. This is a remix of features and

Can you describe what you love about surfing and board making?

The physical act of surfing. To shape an object that is then used in its purest form – surfing on a wave. The response from the stoked surfer riding your design is also a very humbling feeling.

Can you describe surfers’ responses to the design?

It’s been really awesome. From weekend surfers that got their "best wave" ever on this design to the professional surfers stoked on exploring a different experience.

Could you tell me a little about your other designs?

Well you can go to my website meyerhoffer.com and there are 3 projects features – the surfboards the wikireader and the silent boxes – there is also all the sport design I have done prior to the surfboards.

Where to next for the Meyerhoffer?

I’m working on several new projects – I can’t say much more than that – but there are more new projects and board shapes on their way.

More importantly, where’s the next wave you’ll be riding?

Haha, yes that is very important indeed! After an amazing week in Noosa at the Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing with all time conditions, I surfed this morning with former Australian longboard champion Josh Constable – we traded boards and had a great surf. Tomorrow I hope to surf Crescent Head in northern NSW… and then back to California with a trip down to Mexico…. There is a new south swell on its way…


The Meyerhoffer has been selected as a Finalist in the 2010 Australian International Design Awards. To find out more about the Meyerhoffer or buy your own visit the Global Surf Industries website.









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