Mont Blanc Signature Range

Mont Blanc honours Europe’s iconic summit and its namesake with a collection of luxury writing instruments, jewellery and leather goods.

Referencing the snow of its name sake mountain, Mont Blanc has just released a stylish nearly all-white collection.

Since the brand was founded over a century ago, Mont Blanc has been associated with Europe’s highest summit, using the mystical
mountain’s name as its own. The six glaciers and peak of the majestic mountain or
“Mont Blanc star” has become the brand’s logo and this shape is widely recognised as a symbol of Mont Blanc’s commitment to excellence, exclusivity, enduring quality. 

This year Mont Blanc is honouring Europe’s most impressive peak with the introduction of the “Tribute to Mont Blanc” Collection. It features a unique interpretation of the
iconic Meisterstück Writing Instrument in snow white and a selection of jewellery and leather pieces for both men and women. 
Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mont Blanc, the collection has been crafted using different stones and materials, reflecting the
snow, ice and rocky surfaces that make up Europe’s snowy summit. The different materials used to convey Mont Blanc include: milky quartz like the snow-covered summit of the glacier, vibrant blue lace agate like the
sky above, translucent rose quartz like the blossoming of Alpine roses and and for men’s collection materials like stainless steel and platinum, hard stones like black onyx and white opaque howlite, and 0.06ct Montblanc Diamond on some special pieces. With this unusual combination of dark and line Mont Blanc marries the boldness of mountain stone with the luxury of fine diamonds.
Still you needn’t feel guilty about spoiling yourself or a loved one with Mont Blanc. Because Mont Blanc is donating some sales from ‘’Tribute to the Mont Blanc’’
Collection to support projects and organisations that protect and maintain the iconic mountain range.
That’s nice!
Mont Blanc