Neff Slide and Hide

A German-designed oven delivers innovative time-saving features.


Space- and time-saving devices in the kitchen carve out time for creative cooking.

The German designers of the Slide and Hide oven for NEFF studied the way people cook to streamline features that free the mind for culinary creativity.

As well as the space saving Slide and Hide oven door, the B46W74NOGB features the ergonomic Revolution handle – that eliminates any awkward wrist movements and is particularly helpful for those with weak wrists or arthritis – and the practical and energy saving NeffLight, which lights up the whole oven so you can view your cooking on all three levels without opening the door

The stainless steel oven features 14 cooking modes that will defrost, steam, rise and keep warm as well as bake bread and pizza, roast, grill and even memorise cooking instructions.

The winner of an Australian International Design Award, Neff’s Slide and Hide oven’s timesaving features will tempt time-poor cooks to spend more time in the kitchen.

Neff is distributed by Sampford IXL in Australia

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