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The new Bose SoundWave

Bose launches their latest product that looks to transform and simplify the home entertainment system.

A small group of design and technology editors were recently invited to the launch of Bose’s latest product. Ushered into a room, and sat down in front of a TV screen, with veiled surround sound speakers on each wall.

As the lights went down and the theatrics began we were sucked into a web of deceit; for there were in fact no speakers on the walls at all – the black boxes on the walls falling away like magic with a click of the presenter’s fingers.

This carefully orchestrated launch highlighted the key feature of their new VideoWave entertainment system, the effect of surround sound without the speakers.


The system is the result of 10 years of research into how they could have a TV do the work of several surround sound speakers, to create a discrete entertainment system.

The TV itself hides behind it a system of speakers that replaces the sub woofer and creates directional sound, which gives the impression that sounds are actually coming from left or right.


A single remote lets you control all your media players through one central receiver box. The remote is also extremely simple, with a basic set of buttons used to operate on-screen options unique to the attached devices.


This exciting system offers amazing sound quality and is perfect for Design Hunters™ looking to get rid off bulky unappealing wall-hung and freestanding speaker systems.

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