New Dinosaur Designs Rugs

Designer Rugs have collaborated for a second time with Dinosaur Designs.

The first collection came in 2006 and it was a partnership made in heaven. After more than 4 years of success together, Designer Rugs and Dinosaur Designs have once again joined forces to produce a new rug collection.

Created exclusively for Designer Rugs, the 6 new designs represent an evolution of the signature organic Dinosaur style.

“The designs are even more remarkable than the original series, featuring a mix of big bold amorphic designs, monochromatic patterns and punchy colours,” Designer Rugs explain.



Moving Mountains





Complementing the original collection the designs use the classic rectangular shape as canvas, embellished with organic shapes and bold colours – perfectly suited to the 100% New Zealand wool of Designer Rugs.

“It was wonderful to work with Designer Rugs and expand our collection using such beautiful natural wool which allowed us to work with an incredible range of colours,” explains the Dinosaur Designs team.

The Designer Rugs Dinosaur Designs collection number 2 features the stock size 200 cm by 300 cm and can be custom-coloured and sized upon request. Read more about the new collection here.


Designer Rugs



Shifting Stones



Skipping Stones



The Kiss



Luna Eclipse