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Phaidon Design Classics on the iPad

We review the latest must-have for
every design library.

Well… the iPad is here. For those of you who haven’t got one, or have never heard of it, the iPad is Apple’s latest device, essentially a giant iPod Touch. However, this definition doesn’t really do it justice.

Now, we could tell you about all its features, and it is a beautifully designed device, but we thought we’d highlight our favourite ‘App’ so far instead.

There isn’t an abundance of applications for Design Hunters™ – other than all those iPhone apps that have been awkwardly upsized for the 24cm display – but we already have a favourite.

Phaidon Design Classics is a collection of 999 of the most influential designs of all time, which used to come only in 3 cumbersome volumes. Welcome the ‘iPad Edition’.

This great app puts 1000 products (999 + the iPhone) at your fingertips, literally. Using the brilliant touch-screen display you can browse the entire collection – ranging from kitchen scissors to the Eames Lounge to the Hindenburg – in 3 different ways:

1. You can use the default setting, which shows a random selection of products ‘floating’ towards you. You can click on an image to get information and more photos of the product:




2. Alternatively, you can use ‘cover flow’ to browse through products in order:



3. Finally you can use the search function to search the whole app, refining your results to particular types of products and products by certain designers:




If you’re going to buy and iPad, or you already have one, this is a must-have item for the Design Hunter’s™ library – whether you’re searching for a particular product, or wanting to connect with designs you’d forgotten even existed.

It’ll set you back a cool AUD$23.99 on the iTunes App store, but it’s worth every cent.


For those of you who are wondering, you will soon be able to access Habitus magazine on the iPad and iPhone. Stay tuned in July to find out more.



Phaidon Design Classics iPad Edition





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