The Puro Bath

You can bathe in design, thanks to KALDEWEI.

German design company KALDEWEI has reduced elements of architecture and interior design to bring us the PURO bath.

This design illustrates a reduction of the elements of architecture and interior design, with a generous interior length.

The PURO bath is constructed from 100% recyclable steel enamel, providing durability and solidity. The thick enamel layers of the bath are guaranteed to resist the highest of impacts, so confidently in fact that the PURO bath has been given a 30-year guarantee. Available with a side or end overflow.

Founded in 1918, Kaldewei remains at the forefront of German bathroom design, with innovative, environmentally friendly technologies and cutting edge manufacturing methods. The company is known for being the first in Germany to introduce a freestanding bath and as a “seamless” bath sculpted from a single sheet.



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