Raindance Rainfall Shower

The Raindance Rainfall rain panel from Hansgrohe adds a holiday feel to showering.


Whether it’s bathing under a waterfall in a tropical location, swimming in the rain or jumping in puddles, water is intimately connected to human emotions.

The feel of water on bare skin excites the senses and soothes the emotions.

Under the Raindance Rainfall overhead shower from Hansgrohe, bath-time becomes an intimate adventure; under a lush waterfall, an abundant rain shower or a hydro therapeutic massage.

The 240mm rain panel projects far into the bathing space, delivering aerated water droplets in each of its three settings, rain, splash and whirl.

Enjoy the healing power of the Raindance Rainfall shower knowing it utilises the latest technology in water efficiency.

Adjust water texture to suit your mood and let the soothing droplets carry you to your ideal destination.

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