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Redbook green®

Redbook green®…carpet
that makes the world of difference. Manufactured using Sorona® polymer, made
from 37% natural corn sugar.

Feltex Carpets


Feltex Carpets


I am:


The renewable
benefits of Sorona® polymer combined with the Redbook green exclusive TrueColour™
dye process provides exceptional stain resistance, colourfastness and wear
benefits that puts Redbook green in a field of its own.

The ultra
softness of Redbook green® will sustain a comfortable lifestyle for you and
your family.

Choosing an
Australian made Redbook green carpet with 15 Year Stain Resistance,
Colourfastness, Wear and Lifetime Antistatic Warranties will make the
world of difference to your home environment.


Redbook green® is made from 100% Triexta yarn – a brand new
revolutionary fibre


Triexta yarn uses Sorona® polymer which is made form 37%
natural corn sugar.


All Redbook green® carpet is manufactured in broadloom /
lineal metres which measures 3.66m (width) x 1.00m (length)





Redbook Green