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More than just tiles, SICIS represents the best in Italian design expressed through unique art mosaic creations

Italian Art Mosaic company SICIS are not simple tile manufacturers; their tiles represent true craftsmanship and artistic expression.

The company was founded by an unlikely candidate – Italian ex-football star Maurizio Placuzzi – in 1987, with a vision to bring the art of mosaic from “the depth of oblivion into the modern age”.

The SICIS headquarters in Ravenna, Italy, are testament to the company’s passion for art mosaics: created as a colourful, Roald Dahl-like wonderland, the mosaics created inside spill out onto the landscaped gardens – far from your regular manufacturing plant. 

All this is a far cry from the original factory – little more than a 200sqm shed – now a 200,000sqm ‘art mosaic factory’ where the glass tiles are produced under the watchful eye of Murano craftsmen. However, the company has not let tradition stunt their growth, investing in technology and expertise to deliver the best results.

In just 20 short years, SICIS have expanded to have ‘art factories’ in Italy and North America, with showrooms across the globe, from Europe to Australasia.

For SICIS, mosaics are more than aesthetic adornments; they are a means of communication, an expression of trends, lifestyles and the times in which we live.

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SICIS Founder – Maurizio Placuzzi