Sicis Mosaic Tile and Bath

SICIS offers more than simple tiles with these unique and individual art mosaic designs.

SICIS products are about much more than tiles; they are works of art, which express culture, trends and the way we live.

One of their latest collections delivers a unique creative approach to mosaic tiles. Consisting of a combination of wall, floor and bath designs the work can be customised to suit almost any application.

The SICIS ‘Flower Power FL06 Red’ wall design, ‘The One Marble, Bianco Carrara’ floor design and beautiful ‘Denver 05’ bathtub combine to create a passionate, rich bathroom setting.

The floral decoration is created with the age-old tradition of artistic mosaic, with each tile hand-cut and hand-laid for each individual masterpiece.

The designs demonstrate the versatility of the SICIS approach, proving that art mosaic is alive and strong in contemporary design.

MATERIALS:    Glass and Marble

DIMENSIONS:    Flower Power – custom-made to customer’s size

                            Bath – Denver 05 – 1770 x 778 x 495mm

SICIS Australia
Ph: 1300 310 002