Speed Light

Street signs can sometimes be quite annoying, but artist and designer Brett Coelho has shed new light on them.

Designed by: Brett Coelho


I am: Pendant lights


About me:

Now don’t you go thinking you can take down that pesky stop sign out the front and turn it into a feature for your apartment, the signs used to make these new pendants have been obtained legally, before being water-jet-cut and hand-folded by Brett Coelho.


The lights make a real statement, using the colours and graphics of street signage to add individual character and dynamism to the shades. They’re enamel-sprayed with a range of colours on the inside and sealed with polyurethane, protecting the surface of the original signs.

The sizes vary with each item, as it depends on the sizes of the original signs. As much of the sign as possible is used for each light, minimising waste.



  • Street signs
  • Polyurethane
  • Enamel


Speed Light Small (30D.approx) – $250
Large (60D.approx) – $750


The Speed Light is available from Tongue and Groove.


Brett Coelho

Tongue and Groove