Stoneground Wallpaper

This collection reflects the contrasting yet symbiotic relationship of the natural world that is both tranquil and kinetic. 

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Each new pattern features Trove’s signature scale, unconventional color palette and a distinct poetry and grace. The Spring 2011 Collection launches in conjunction with STONEGROUND, Trove’s ground-breaking new wall”paper”;  made from stone powder and natural resin.



Nyx depicts the towering, substantial, and forceful strength of a tree as captured in the last still moment of night. Nyx portrays the quiet fleeting hour before dawn, when the world begins again with a new day.  In fact, Nyx is a tribute to the poet laureate, W.S. Merwin who, like Trove, is known for his study of the natural world. To quote the poet laureate, “Naturally it is night.”



Each design is available in five colorways. All Trove patterns may be applied to a full range of substrates, which include the silky STONEGROUND wall”paper”; Type 1 commercial grade wallpapers; REDEUX (PVC-free) and Marquee (glass bead emboss) Type II wallcoverings; wood veneers; window films; and dyed carpets. 


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