Strobilus represents a fascination with paper pulp as a material, a commitment to new technology and the realisation of a challenging, ‘green’ design brief.

I am

Sculptural pendant light



Paviom and distributed by Lighting Options Australia



The initial brief from Paviom was to create a large scale decorative luminaire, specifically designed to make the most of high efficiency, compact fluorescent light sources, and provide 90% recyclability. Normally used in the packaging industry, the paper pulp process, provided the potential for creating soft, organic shapes. Developing ways to modify fire and moisture properties and add colour naturally, we were able to use the process for commercial lighting products without affecting recyclability.

Taking inspiration from the form of an open pine cone, my original designs developed and in the progress enclosed the lamps, thus providing a reflected, soft light combined with direct projected light which is glare free.

The result is Strobilus. A luminaire which is 95% recyclable and combined with the cost savings to run during its long life and the lower resource to manufacture, may make it one of the most sustainable mass produced products available.





100% recycled paper pulp



Small: 600mm diameter

Large: 1000mm diameter



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