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The Better Umbrella

The Blunt Umbrella by New Zealand designer Greig Brebner gets to the pointy end of wet weather design

The ‘move’ section of habitusliving.com will generally profile ways to get around, from cars and boats to bicycles and scooters, but we won’t be forgetting all those other little things that make getting from A to B just that bit easier… so today, welcome the Blunt Umbrella.

Designed by Auckland-based designer and mechanical engineer Greig Brebner, the innovative umbrella is the result of research into aerodynamics, lightweight materials and safety.

Cities and rain don’t go well together – something that Brebner found out when on working sabbatical in London. “The first day the rain arrived in London, it became obvious as to how prolific umbrellas are in a big city,” he explains. “I was quite astounded to find out how dangerous a mass of umbrellas can become with their sharp points at eye level.”

Brebner’s design aims to eliminate this rainy day peril. He has adapted the traditional wet weather necessity by creating a safer ‘blunt’ umbrella, with rounded tips that add to the structural strength.

The design also uses a unique ‘Radial Tensioning System’, which essentially reinforces the canopy, providing greater durability and wind resistance. The technicalities aside, the Blunt Umbrella displays a unique aesthetic (helping you stand out in the crowd) while offering the same convenience and basic operation as a traditional umbrella.

“The response from the public for the product has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments like ‘why hasn’t someone come up with this before’ and ‘what took so long’ really validate for me that I have achieved what I set out to do,” Brebner says.

“For people to be so easily convinced that this design is a massive improvement on the old proves that this product has got huge potential.”

There is no mode of transport more sustainable than walking, but there’s also nothing worse than getting soaked in the process – so it is with ingenious design such as the Blunt Umbrella that we can help the environment and our health, and stay dry doing it.

You can buy the Blunt Umbrella online here.

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