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Trent Jansen reflectors

You gotta love the resourcefulness of ‘Bicycle Boys’. Linda Cheng checks out the latest must-have for the bicycle-inclined.

With no road-side assistance, cyclists proudly fix their punctured tyres with anything that still has an adhesive backing, found in their magic box of bandaid solutions (aka a bicycle repair kit).

For a group of people whose preferred mode of transportation leaves no carbon footprint – or track marks, rather – the Bicycle Boy’s (or Girl’s) views on sustainability go beyond dutifully filling the recycling bin and double-sided printing. Sustainability is also about being resourceful in using old materials.

So you can imagine how Sydney industrial designer Trent Jansen’s bike reflectors, fashioned from repurposed road signs, appeal to the Bicycle Boy’s ethos.


These ‘Cycle Signs’ come in two types – a Spoke Clamp and a Strap, which fixes to the seat post or front of the bike with ties made from old bicycle tube. They’re also available in variety of colours, as long as it’s been pre-determined by the Roads and Traffic Authority – you know, for your safety.

Trent Jansen recently exhibited his ‘Cycle Signs’ at the State of Design Festival in Melbourne.


Trent Jansen




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