Understated Elegance: Ben Bunda

Jewellery designer Ben Bunda has designed a simple and sophisticated ring inspired by the new Rolls-Royce Ghost

Sophisticated design is often a study in simplicity and refinement, where attention to detail is key – a philosophy that both Rolls-Royce and luxury jewellery designer Ben Bunda subscribe to.

Last week saw the launch of Ghost, the first in a new Rolls-Royce model series, and Bunda was approached to design a one-off ring inspired by the new car.

Rolls-Royce’s built-to-order Ghost is a study in the power of simplicity. The car is smaller and more dynamic that previous models, yet the design still takes its cues from traditional Rolls-Royce features.

The greatest challenge for Bunda was designing a piece of jewellery that would complement the car without being over designed. After toying with the idea of directly appropriating features of the car into a complex design, Bunda looked to the feeling of being near a Rolls-Royce. “The car has a presence, a confidence and exceptional beauty,” says Bunda.

The result, says Bunda, is a ring “that reflects the impressive feel of the Ghost while maintaining an understated elegance”.

Taking his design cues from the classic Rolls-Royce grill form, Bunda has developed a ring that uses a subtle combination of diamonds and platinum and captures the essence of Rolls-Royce in its simplest form.

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  rolls royce ghost side view

  rolls royce ghost front

  rolls royce ghost sketch