VARIOSTEAM® Oven with Slide and Hide®

VARIOSTEAM® Oven with Slide and Hide®

VarioSteam® injects moisture as steam into the oven’s cavity at various intervals and intensities during operation, providing roasts and baked goods with the ideal amount of moisture as they cook.





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A steam-assisted oven

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The ability to add steam to Neff’s VarioSteam® oven while using any of the cooking functions: CircoTherm, top/bottom heat, pizza, bread-baking or CircoRoasting settings produces better cooking results.  Food looks delectable and tastes at its best as the natural colour and flavours of the food intensifies through the injection of moisture.

The intensity of the steam can be set automatically or manually to ensure the optimum steam intensity for the particular cooking or baking process.  Whether it’s the crispy pizza base, the fluffy cake or the tender succulent roast, the combination of hot air and steam by virtue of the Neff VarioSteam® oven enables people who love to experiment with different recipes to realise their vision of cooking perfection.


Stainless steel and Glass

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