WHISPER® Cellular Shades

Welcoming WHISPER Cellular Shades from Designed Blinds Australia.

Designed by: Designed Blinds Australia


I am: One of the most energy-efficient blinds on the market, crafted with cellular-structured fabrics that effectively insulate your windows.


About me:

The unique cellular construction of WHISPER® Cellular Shades traps a layer of air within it, reducing heating and cooling costs.



These clever, cellular-structured fabrics effectively act as a barrier against cold air entering the room in winter (and against the warmth of the sun in summer), to ensure your home maintains the ideal temperature.




Backed by a 3-year warranty, WHISPER® Cellular Shades aren’t just durable and extremely energy efficient – they’re also very versatile.

Available in a range of operating systems and specialty shapes, they are the perfect solution for almost all window applications – even tricky or non-standard shape windows.



  • Cellular fabrics available in either 10mm or 20mm pleat size
  • Casual, warm, textured fabrics in a neutral colour palette that includes warm whites, natural beiges and soft pastels
  • Choice of sheer, translucent or blockout fabrics
  • Cellular fabrics are manufactured from non-woven anti-static polyester for dust resistance – durable and easy to clean
  • No visible seams, cords or cord holes
  • Sleek, low profile headrail – colour co-ordinated to the fabric – is unobtrusive and minimises the stacking height


Specialty and non-standard options are available. Click here to find out more.

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