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Zip HydroTap for the Home

Widely regarded as the product of choice in
state-of-the-art commercial projects, Zip HydroTap is also the perfect addition
to residential kitchens.

Renowned for its sustainability, cost efficiency and
health benefits, Zip HydroTap has long been the preferred choice for high-end
commercial projects.

And, while many of us have the pleasure of instant
boiling and chilled filtered water at work, we forget that it can just as
easily be incorporated into our lives at home. The simple addition of Zip HydroTap to your kitchen
fit-out can go a long way in reducing household waste and energy costs, while
improving the quality of your drinking water.

Zip HydroTap filtered water systems quickly reduces
bench clutter, eliminating the need for bulky water chillers, bottled water and
filter jugs. These are replaced by Zip HydroTap’s single bench-top tap with
boiling and chilled filtered water instantly available at the touch of a

A sensible and economical choice for energy-conscious
homes, Zip HydroTap costs less than 12 cents* a day in energy costs, delivering
seven cups of boiling water and 20 glasses of chilled filtered water at only 1
cent more respectively.

To conserve water and energy, Zip HydroTap features an
under-sink system which is air cooled. New Power-Pulse™ energy-saving
technology applies full power to heat boiling water during heavy-usage periods,
cutting back to micro-pulse power during light-usage periods.

When not in use,
a sleep-when-inactive feature powers-down the system, while storing boiling
water at a hygienic temperature.

As well as saving
on energy and cost, Zip HydroTap offers a healthier and wholesome lifestyle.
Its superior sub-micron filtration removes chlorine taste and odour, but not
valuable minerals such as fluoride. In addition to this it filters out nasty
micro-organisms and parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia, leaving you with instantly clean, great tasting drinking water.

Zip Industries

* For
more details on Zip HydroTap products and services visit




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