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Achieving Wellness At Home, With VOLA

Image courtesy of VOLA | Photographer Alex Wilson

There’s no doubt that our wellbeing is influenced by our relationship with nature and the spaces we live in; VOLA’s enduring commitment to wellness ensures our homes provide balance, harmony and respite.

Wellness is more than just the physical; it emerges from a sense of harmony between ourselves and the space around us. As humans, we strive for happiness and wellbeing in existence with the objects in the world we seem to resonate with a connection to nature and its beauty in a profound way. From ancient practices to today’s interest in sustainability, humans have always valued organic materials and the longevity they offer. So it’s no surprise that a more biophilic approach to our homes, through material and design, can promote wellness in the spaces we live in. 

This resonance with nature and our relationship with the objects around us is intrinsic to many cultures, however, in Denmark it has been embraced in every aspect of life, and most importantly at home. VOLA’s Danish culture and the notion of wellness has influenced how they manufacture and design products. From integrating natural materials to shaping how we interact with water, VOLA has been prioritising enhancing wellbeing, harmony and balance within our homes for 50 years. 

Image courtesy of VOLA | Photographer Mikkel Vang

Informed by the ancient Danish landscape, VOLA is committed to sustainability and longevity. All products are designed and manufactured in Denmark and they recycle 100 per cent of the natural materials used. VOLA understands that the knowledge of an object’s consistency and reliability confirms a sense of comfort that the ephemeral can never achieve the brand’s products are supplied with internal replacement parts and can last for generations. 

Through a modular approach of simplicity and rigour, VOLA ensures that a high level of craftsmanship and care goes into every piece. Its design system permits infinite possibilities, made to order at the VOLA factory in Horsens, Denmark, and customisable for any individual’s needs. From the creation of its first product by founder Verner Overgaard and celebrated Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, VOLA has always hidden the functional parts, allowing the simplicity and beauty of design to shine through. This flexibility leads to great longevity, with products that were used in schemes in the 1960s still being specified today.

Perhaps the most invigorating aspect of VOLA’s distinctive products is its affinity with water. 

Image courtesy of VOLA | Photographer Alex Wilson

Recognition of how vital water is as an element of life and wellness resulted in VOLA’s design of products that embrace and care about its importance. Through research on the undulation, nourishment and tactile qualities of water, products from VOLA create intimate relationships and experiences with it they understand how to shape and deliver water in the most efficient and satisfying way possible. 

VOLA tapware and freestanding bath mixers demonstrate this experimentation and relationship with water. Designed to create a sense of serenity and peace in bathrooms, these products combine sculptural design and modern technology. Undoubtedly, our wellbeing is enhanced by the resulting experiential qualities: precision of water flow, responsive control and the silent blending of water and air all seem to capture only the most perfect aspects of the rain and waterfalls and bring them into our homes. 

Our wellbeing seems to be intrinsically linked to how we interact with our environment. Creating meaningful relationships with objects around our homes is made easier through a biophilic approach. The spaces we live in are a reflection of sanctuary and respite and VOLA ensures they only enhance our harmony, balance and wellness.


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