AJAR and the Comfort of Contemporary Bedding

Of all rooms in the home, the bedroom is one where comfort is perhaps most paramount. As the place to relax and spend time gathering forces for the day to day, the bedroom is a place where special care should be taken in design. These beds from AJAR exemplify the relaxing mood the bedroom should be.

Three different designers, three different beds. These AJAR beds are the perfect accompaniment to a contemporary bedroom space. Varying styles for varied aesthetics, all available now.


The Dalí, from designer G Vegni & G Gualtierotti, is designed to be different and is special. Dalí is a unique product in terms of visual richness and conceptual simplicity. Its sinuous shapes and the flounces of its cushions define it as a singular piece. Available through the Casadesus brand.


The Bel bed, from Treku designer Ibon Arrizabalaga, is a work of fine, almost sculptural carpentry, and serves as a testament to the Basque designer’s and manufacturer’s heritage. The solid wood frame provides the necessary rigidity and the padded headboard ensures a comfortable reading position.


Odosdesign’s Kairos Bed, available through the Arlex brand, is a modular bed collection that combines functionality and utility in the myriad configuration possibilities available. With options for headboards, side panels, platforms and storage accessories, the flexibility of the range is ideal for creating personal outcomes for every bedroom.